KIS Interior Design offers a new concept that provides professional services anytime, anywhere...





KIS Interior Design offers a new concept that provides professional services anytime, anywhere, and most importantly without breaking the bank.

Our specialized team of interior designers will work with you on a room-to-room basis to create the spaces of your dreams. The headache-proof process involves open communication, quick designs, and a guarantee to work within your means.


Let’s Get Started

Select the space, or spaces, that you want to renovate and add to cart. Once purchased, we will contact you to hear all about your lifestyle, daily needs, aesthetic, and budget. 

The Magic Happens

Our team will develop a comprehensive design concept, digital mood boards, and product shopping list with necessary specs. We will adapt the ideas from the consultation and make them come to life.


It’s All in the Details

Please provide us with all necessary measurements, floor plan, and images of the spaces. If you require professional assistance, we offer Site Visits separately.

The Dirty Work

Our design package offers a complementary service of placing the orders and tracking the pieces for you.

Design Consultation

Once we have learned all about you and the home, we get to work! The design consultation allows us to communicate our initial vision and brief evaluation of existing conditions. 


Time to sit back and relax in your new space. Cheers!




KIS Interior Design initiated in 2009 by Guimar Urbina in Miami, FL. Over the years, Guimar grew the firm to reach the top lists of design firms in South Florida, specializing in luxury residential and commercial projects.

In 2017, Guimar opened Guimar Urbina Interiors, Corp. – a branch within the firm that is dedicated solely to full-range, large scale projects that require a boutique approach with concierge service. Guimar Urbina Interiors not only focuses on shaping spaces from concept to finalization, it also strives to create a lifestyle.

As a complement to our offerings, KIS Interior Design has evolved to offer a brand new service that caters to everyone in need of professional services to revamp their home. Think of it as an interior face lift on-the-go. We believe that style, quality, and exceptional service can be achieved at any scale and budget.


KIS Interior Design is back with a new look and concept! We offer interior services on the go. The process is simple, interactive, and the perfect solution to achieve accessible style for your home.

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