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KIS Interior Design initiated in 2009 by Guimar Urbina in Miami, FL. Over the years, Guimar grew the firm to reach the top lists of design firms in South Florida, specializing in luxury residential and commercial projects.

In 2017, Guimar opened Guimar Urbina Interiors, Corp. – a branch within the firm that is dedicated solely to full-range, large scale projects that require a boutique approach with concierge service. Guimar Urbina Interiors not only focuses on shaping spaces from concept to finalization, it also strives to create a lifestyle.

As a complement to our offerings, KIS Interior Design has evolved to offer a brand new service that caters to everyone in need of professional services to revamp their home. Think of it as an interior face lift on-the-go. We believe that style, quality, and exceptional service can be achieved at any scale and budget.

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