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Welcome to your new go-to interior design service. KIS Interior Design is back with a brand new concept and offering. As our firm represents, Keep it Simple, we offer a seamless process that provides top performance that is accessible regardless of budget, timeline, and scale. We believe that style, quality, and an exceptional experience is for everyone.

Our team of qualified and in-house interior designers works one-on-one with you to achieve the style of your dreams. The experience is fast pace, mainstream, and interactive. We acknowledge that making a statement doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

The steps include getting acquainted to learn about the project and what you aim to achieve within your home. From there, you are assigned an expert designer that will be there along the entire way! A design concept, mood board, selection of pieces and décor elements will be put together, along with a shopping list for your convenience. Depending on what package you choose, we will take care of placing orders and tracking the pieces for you. Then it’s time to sit back and enjoy the new space.

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